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To God be the Glory- Our Journey Continues…

“To God be the glory, great things he has done…” so the all familiar hymn goes.  Now, I know the rest of that stanza is talking about salvation and Jesus’ death for us but those words are coming to mind as I reflect on life recently.

If you have been with me for any length of time you know that I have had years and years of struggle with my oldest son.  We have seen doctor after doctor, psychologists, counselors and holistic practitioners.  We have tried medicines, herbs, oils, supplements, sensory diets and food diets. It has been quite the journey, trial, joy, and heartache all rolled into one.  I have spent countless time in prayer begging God for answers, wisdom, and direction.  Plus countless more hours online and reading books researching and in the kitchen implementing new things.

I’m so thankful that God honors His promises and gives wisdom when we ask.  Sometimes we don’t see that He has given it until much later; until we are able to look back and see where He gave us wisdom and His hand guided us in our journey.  The Footprints poem comes back to mind yet again were those times where He is guiding us in sometimes the times He is actually carrying us and there is only one set of footprints in the sand.  

Alongside of that journey, I have been on my own personal journey through allergies, growing as a wife, housekeeper and mom and most recently anxiety and diastasis recti.  I have experienced the kind of anxiety that stems from a body system malfunction as well as a fear-based anxiety.  The abdominal muscle separation from the blessing of four babies has made a mess of my physical body.  I am treating both the anxiety and diastasis with physical therapy and exercise, diet, lifestyle changes and herbs which is allowing my body to truly heal rather than just treating and masking symptoms.

All that research and searching for answers had brought me to the world of herbs.  I have been finding quite a bit of joy in learning about the natural world around us and I’ve been amazed at what God has already provided for our health and healing.  It looks like I’ll be adding ‘herbalist’ the list of things about me.  I’m so totally fascinated!

Anyhow, I bought an essential oil blend for Big Bro to try to help his focus and felt like it didn’t work so well.  Then I came across an herbal tincture blend for focus and increased cognitive function which I decided to have him try.  It had many of the herbs for cognition and general brain health I have been studying.

The thing with herbs is that they don’t usually provide instant results. Sometimes it takes time for them to work behind the scenes, nourishing the body and balancing the organs, before the results are noticeable to the person and those around them.  I believe I can say that I am seeing results of the herbs. After taking them for almost 2 weeks I began to see greater progress with his Fast ForWord work also.

I’m sure this is no coincidence either but at the same time the herbs were beginning to help him, the Homeschool Summit online conference on parenting was scheduled.  What an amazing thing it was to see God work in my own life allowing me to learn how to properly parent and apply discipline.  But more importantly, God allowed the herbs to bring Big Bro to a place where he could receive the instruction.  I am completely blown away at how God allowed so many paths and pieces to come together during the Homeschool Summit week for me and my family.

Like anything, nothing is a quick fix and it will take time and perseverance for lasting change.  But I know God has brought us this far and He will carry us onward as we do our best to parent with the gospel in mind.  I’m so humbled by being able to watch His sovereign hand moving and working in my life and in Big Bro’s life.  It is God’s sovereign hand that ultimately allows me to live my life well inspired and I am forever grateful.   I can only thank the Lord for the progress that is unfolding before us.

I will be sharing more from my journey with the Homeschool Summit, the Fast ForWord program Big Bro is participating in and the herbs we are using in future posts.  Stay tuned!

But for now, To God be the Glory!!

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