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Kids Need Their Mom…. To Never Stop Touching Them.

This week I landed on a safe spot.  If there is one thing I do right, it is physical contact.  I ruffle their hair, rub their backs, kiss their cheeks and just silently let them know I am there.  We cuddle on the couch sometimes and hold hands when we walk.

Angela shares that this was a piece of advice given to her when her kids were little. She has intentionally done this with her children, communicating to them that her love is unconditional and something they will never outgrow as well as helping them feel home, safe, accepted, welcomed and celebrated.

The gift of affection is something I can give my son, even in the worst moments.  When I hold him through a tantrum or hug him when he’s done- he must feel that I love him despite it all.  When he won’t listen to me or seemingly can’t hear me, at least he can feel my love.

I think this might be the most important part, though.  It is easy to show and accept love when the moments are wonderful, but it is crucial for them to feel that love and acceptance when they are at their worst.  That will have the biggest impact in shaping and securing their worlds.

“The gift of your enduring affection will become
one of the greatest gifts you can give to their souls.”
~ Angela Thomas

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