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Last week held a special treat.  Hubby had Wednesday through Sunday off for our fair because he runs the tractor pull on Wednesday then decided to use up some vacation time.  We were planning on leaving the boys at my parents Thursday and Friday night so that we could see the big tractor and truck pulls, but you know what happens to the best laid plans!

Our date night Thursday included the kids plus the parents and then we didn’t make it over there Thursday night at all.

Hubby wanted to help a friend do some combining during the day on Friday and I got to ride this time!  We ended up spending 10 hours in the combine, ending after 10pm as the storm rolled in.  We finished the last of the wheat and just beat the storm.  It started raining just as we backed the last truck under cover.

The special treat was that I got to be with him all day.  I used to spend time like that with him all the time before the boys came along.

There’s just something about the rhythm of the combine, drone of engine and beauty of farmland that made those days feel like a getaway at home.

Sometimes we talked and sometimes there was silence, but we got to dream a little and plan a little.  We got some conversation in that usually gets lost in life.




At the end of the day as the storm was rolling in, the clouds gave us such a beautiful display.  I snapped a picture, but it doesn’t do it justice.


It was kinda like a getaway- just the two of us for two nights and a whole day.  The best part was it didn’t cost us a dime but the connection and rejuvenation was just as real as if we had left home.

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