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Genesis 1 Shows Us Four Things About God

I’m always looking for new ways to dive into scripture to study it. Finding those hidden treasures tucked away, buried but accessible for those willing to dig a little is incredible.  Listening to the Enjoy God’s Word 2021 conference gave me a new concept and a perspective shift for reading and studying the Bible. The idea is this: 

We should read the Bible not to benefit ourselves but to discover who God is. 

That was a lightbulb moment for me combined with a duh! Of course we should be looking to learn more about God when reading His word. It is His letter to us, after all.

A few years ago, I had an incredible journey through Genesis using The Genesis Record by Henry Morris (affiliate link). The Enjoy God’s Word conference inspired me to go back to Genesis and ask myself what the scriptures taught me about God.  So equipped with this new question, I started back in Genesis 1. As I began reading, I quickly discovered four incredible things about God’s character. Right in the first chapter of Genesis, we see God’s order, peace, provision, and presence. 

God is a God of order. 

He systematically began a task and completed it before moving on. This systemic creation shows intentionality in His plan because everything builds from the task before it in the account of creation. 

God is a God of peace. 

The Genesis 1 account of creation is incredibly peaceful. There is harmony in how the created things work and fit together. This point almost got missed, but a study note in the NKJV Chronological Study Bible recounts the shockingly violent and turbulent version of the world’s beginning from the Neo-Babylonian Empire (roughly 625-539 BC). It is in stark contrast to God’s peaceful beginning. 

God is a God of provision. 

Each day of creation was a continuation of the day before it. For example, God created light before the land. He made the trees and plants once the light and land were there to support life. Plants were necessary for the animal’s food and shelter, so God created the animals after the plants. The provision was in place to support the next day’s work. 

God is present and involved. 

Through the whole creation story, God was present as he orchestrated the process. He was completely involved in the process, much like a conductor of an orchestra. 

Those character traits are comforting and encouraging. We know that character is in us and available to us. While it takes years and trials to develop those traits of God’s character, they are available. 

When I read about how God is a God of order, I see how far short I fall in my home-keeping attempts. I am artistic by nature and consequently naturally messy. It is an area that takes constant effort and micromanaging, but I still frequently miss the mark. Throw in the chaos of homeschooling, a preschooler, and a challenging teen boy, and it’s over before I even start. 

Coming face to face with God’s order in the creation story gave me a perspective shift and a new way to pray- “Lord, help me display your order in my home-keeping today.” Breath prayers are a beautiful thing. (link) A rescue and surrender all in one.  

Maybe this is the piece I’ve been missing all along. Perhaps I never invited God into this area of struggle. But in coming face to face with God’s character, I can sense God hasn’t given up on me just yet. He’s still drawing me in and motivating me to keep trying. This time motivation is more inspiration because of His character.  I’ll probably never get housekeeping completely right and clutter will probably be my archenemy for the rest of my life.  But my motivation to keep trying will come from the inspiration of God’s character.  At least my heart will be in the right place.

God working in our lives is such a beautiful thing. It’s comforting to know He never lets us go. When we learn about who God is, when we pursue Him, we are changed. 

Looking for who God is and seeking to understand His character as we read His word is a crucial shift in our thinking as we mature in our faith. It changes everything. It’s a sign of maturity and a mark of Biblical womanhood. 

Speaking of Biblical womanhood…. 

I have a brand new free ebook available called Created to be More Than Cinderella.  It invites us to take a look at Biblical womanhood and our identity in Christ. 

Have you ever felt like Cinderella? Life can sometimes feel like more work and no play when we make a role our identity. It happens subtly and gradually in the natural progression of life. But as God works in our life, He brings us to a place of deeper relationship and surrender, restoring our identity in Him. 

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