You are absolutely NOT the reason your garden failed!

You know you should be getting an abundance of produce from your garden but there are three things that stand in your way, resulting in disappointing results.  Instead of a thriving productive garden you have a struggling one, making you feel insecure as a gardener.

Do your plants look unhealthy despite you care and result in disappointing results?

Do the weeds get out of control and crowd out your plants no matter how much time you spend weeding?

Are you feeding the critters more than you feed yourself and your family?

A few years ago my garden stopped producing.  I racked my brain trying to figure out why and it took a lot of research with trial and error to recover the fertility in my soil.  It is through these three steps that I have been able to restore the fertility in my soil and now once again have a thriving productive garden.


Consider. Create. Care. is an ecourse designed to teach you three steps to a productive garden.


Working with nature will allow you to maximize your results while minimizing your efforts.


You will learn how to:

        • achieve highly fertile soil which will provide optimal nutrition for your plants
        • remove the guesswork by making a solid plan tailored to your property and life which will fast track your success
        • enjoy an abundance of produce which will mean less money spent at the store and higher quality nutrition for you

A thriving productive garden doesn’t depend on whether you have a green thumb or not!  A thriving productive garden comes from gardening with nature.  The problems your garden is showing you are clues to what it needs and you are the best person to meet those needs! 

You can have success in your garden when you consider your soil, create your plan and care for your plants!

What's Included?

Consider. Create. Care.

Module 1

Consider Your Soil– In module 1 you will learn about the soil, what makes up a healthy soil, and the best way to test and analyze your garden’s soil so that you can achieve high fertility.

  • Learn how to analyze your soil
  • Understand how to naturally  and organically fertilize your garden
  • Discover how to build fertility in your soil

Module 2

Create Your Plan- In module 2 you will learn how to create a comprehensive plan to ensure your success.  A plan in hand is the best way to eliminate guesswork and frustration.

  • Learn how to decide what to plant in your garden
  • Choose the best location for your garden
  • Create your ready-to-go 3 year garden plan with my step-by-step Vegetable Garden Design guide

Module 3

Care For Your Plants- In module 3 you will learn how to care for your plants in ways that work with nature and maximize their productivity by getting them the nutrients and companions they need.

  • Discover how to work with nature to maximize your results
  • Learn how to get your weeds under control
  • Feed yourself and your family more than the critterrs

Also Includes 3 Bonuses for You!

The ebook 13 Most Common Problems New Gardener’s Face which will give you quick answers to the problems that are giving you disappointing results.

A Step by Step Action instructional guide to  drawing your garden design.  A plan in hand makes all the difference in the level of success you will achieve.

A Soil Analysis checklist which will help you determine the health of your soil and just what your soil needs from you to transform its fertility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I see results? 
This is not a quick fix.  Your garden will continue to improve as you apply these principles year after year.  However, I walk you through supporting the plants with natural fertilizers so you will be able to meet the plant’s nutritional needs as you’re building your soil’s fertility and you should see a difference in your garden the first year.

Seriously, I have a black thumb.  Will this really help me?
I believe the infamous black thumb is an illusion.  Struggling plants are giving you clues as to what they need and once you know what they are telling you it should not be so difficult for you.  A good plan can also turn your thumb green, also.

What if I don’t like your teaching style?
My 14-day guarantee allows you to check out the materials and videos before you decide if your all in.  This is my gift to you so that you can confidently make an informed decision.

Isn’t this information all available online for free?
Yes, it is.  However, it is fragmented through many sites and articles.  I have it all in one piece for you here which will fast track your success.

How advanced is this course?  I’m a brand new gardener.
I designed this course specifically for the new gardener who could use a coach to point them in the right direction.  This will give you an overview with the information you need to have success but is not overly technical or advanced. 

Will this course help me with my patio garden?
Absolutely.  This course can be applied to any size garden and any gardening method and style. 

It’s fall where I live.  Is it worth buying this course now?
Yes!  Fall is probably the best time to purchase this course.  You have the benefit of seeing the clues your garden is giving you so as we walk through analyzing your site and soil you will have a much easier time instead of trying to remember in the dead of winter or early spring.  Plus, can you think of a better thing to do in the winter than plan next year’s garden?! 

You're ready for Consider. Create. Care. if...

            • You’re determined to produce fresh nutritious food for yourself and your family
            • You’ve experienced disappointing results in your garden in the past
            • You’ve never gardened before and want someone to show you the way
            • You don’t know any gardener’s that could offer advice and support

Consider. Create. Care. is not for you if...

            • You’re satisfied with your gardening results
            • You already understand soil and soil fertility
            • You are utilizing techniques like composting, companion planting and crop rotations
            • You have a drawn out 3 year plan in place

Why should you trust me?

  • I don’t just teach gardening, I garden for my own family this way with fantastic results.  After my own garden’s soil fertility was ruined, I was able to turn it around with the exact method that I’m teaching in this course.
  • I grew up in a family of gardeners and farmers.  The gardening way of life is all I have ever known as I watched my grandparents and my parents produce and preserve the produce we ate all winter long.  I am proud to continue this legacy for my own family. 
  • I hold a degree in Plant Science from SUNY Cobleskill.  My love of plants caused me to pursue horticulture as a career and not just a hobby.  Gardening in all its forms are a part of my every day.
  • Horticulture is my passion, hobby, and career.

Hi! I'm Lucille.

Gardening has always been a part of my life beginning as a little girl watching my parents garden to provide food for our family in Northern New Jersey.  Although I never fell in love with weeding as a child, it was always great fun to plan and plant an annual bed along the driveway every spring. That early discovery of a love for plants soon grew into an interest for cut flowers and the dream to have a small floral studio out of my home. My bigger dream was to raise a family and be at home with them. 

Today, I am a homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos and I garden to raise a lot of our food. Summer and fall are a busy time harvesting and preserving the produce grown in our garden. One of the best things about producing your own food is that you can avoid all the chemicals and grow superior food with optimal nutrition for your body.

Professionally, my career began in high school as I attended a Technical High School for Agriculture and continued at SUNY Cobleskill where I graduated with a degree in Plant Science focused in floriculture.  

My business, passions, talents, and hobbies are all in the plant world from growing and caring for plants to designing with plants and flowers.  I love helping people have success in their gardening efforts and that is the driving force behind my blog and the ecourse I have created.

Investing in yourself can be scary, especially in times of uncertainty.  Likely, this is the first time you have met me, so I understand if you’re a little leery and hesitant to enroll in my course. 

Because I have successfully rejuvenated my own garden with this method and I understand the science behind it, I have complete confidence that you will achieve stellar success when you implement my 3 steps.  Because of that, I offer a 14 day-money back guarantee. 

If after reviewing my material and downloads you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

This gives you 14 days to check out the materials and videos before you decide if your all in.  This is my gift to you so that you can confidently make an informed decision.

 The best time to start is NOW!!

We are at the end of the season and that is the best time to start!  What went wrong is still fresh in your mind so you are in an optimal place to start planning for next year.  Take advantage of the last bit of warm weather and the clues that are still present!

I know you want to succeed in your gardening and enjoy an abundance of produce for you and your family.  It is absolutely possible once you know how to work with nature and respond the clues your garden is giving you.

What’s stopping you from having a thriving, productive garden? Click the “Yes, I Want a Productive Garden” button below to be brought to a checkout page where your order will be processed securely.  Then instant access to the Consider. Create. Care. ecourse is yours!

Think for a moment how different things would be if you were able to

          • Develop a solid plan that served you an your family healthy nutritious food.
          • Confidently care for your plants.
          • Minimize the time and effort spent in the garden while MAXIMIZING your results.
          • Deny the critters access to your paradise.
          • Eliminate insecurity and doubt in your gardening ability.
          • Know the secret to a thriving and productive garden.
You can have a thriving productive garden!
Think of how you will feel if you get the same disappointing results next year.
Don’t settle for less than abundant when you can

Start on the path to creating
your thriving productive garden
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You won’t regret it.