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Someone commented recently that September was the new New Year.  And I do have to agree.  It seems that September brings the greatest abrupt change, a clear move from one way to another, a marked difference.  It also brings a fresh start, a clean slate and shows change and growth the clearest.


Little bro joined Big bro on the school bus this year as I now have a kindergartener and a second grader.  It seems amazing to me that the time of infancy, toddlerhood and the preschool years have come to an end in our home.  I am so proud of those two.  At the end of preschool last year I wondered just how little bro was going to leave me for 6 hours a day as he balked at 6 hours a week.  And I wondered how Big bro was going to manage in the more independent learning atmosphere second grade brings since he struggled so in first grade.

But Big bro asked to try the big bus in the mornings this year instead of being picked up in the van and little bro jumps out of bed excited to go to school.  They confidently cross the road to the bus by themselves.  No looking back.  It brings me joy to see them growing and maturing, ready to face the next step and phases of their lives.

God has been so faithful in bringing healing to Big bro.  He has enabled me to remove the adhd meds from him that were necessary to get him through the spring last year.  Through Dr West’s treatments, diet, herbs and essential oils I have been able to pretty much eliminate the adhd symptoms from him and he feels much better about himself.  Bedtimes are now much easier and it seems he is gaining much needed rest and rejuvenation from the sleep he is getting.  We are now dealing with more normal and age appropriate issues.

And I can only praise God for his faithfulness, grace and mercy that saw us through the past 5 challenging and intense years.

Yes, September brought a marked change in my boys and seemingly a brand new chapter in life.

I feel the fresh start for me as well.  Now that the intense days of constant kids, researching diets and treatments and fighting to maintain some sense of order in this home are over, I am looking forward to spending some much needed time to regroup, be rejuvenated by the Lord, and lay foundations for what the Lord may be calling me to next.

As God has inspired this blog, he has given me the direction to grow the community and readership here.  So, I will be adding a new category to this blog, Blogging Through The Bible, as I study with the Good Morning Girls.  I am committing to reading the Bible through over the course of I think 3 1/2 years.  A chapter a day will allow for further study and for the truth of God’s word to sink in.  Although one post a week will be reflecting on something I have learned during the week, be sure to like Life Well Inspired on Facebook for daily inspiration.  I would love to have you join me on this journey through discussion on Facebook.  You will be able to find the reading plan as well as journal pages over at  I am also beginning to work on a series that has been on my heart for a while so you can be looking for that at some point this year.

Aside from the blog, though , I have learned through the grain-free diet that I actually do have self-discipline.  And I am excited to use that as I maintain our home and keep a schedule that will bless others, both in and out of my home.  I am excited to be able to once again be task oriented in my day rather than scattered all over the place.

What fresh start are you excited for this September?  I hope to see you on Facebook!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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