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First Signs of Fall here in Western NY


Here in Western NY, fall has been threatening to appear since mid summer.  We have had a glimpses of it waaaay to early.  But now that October is around the corner,  there have been more specific proper signs of fall.  I captured a few to share and to give a little photo inspiration today.  Hopefully we can celebrate God’s beautiful design together.  I have been amazed lately, as I learn more about the medicinal value of foods, herbs and plants in nature, just how few people who study and are trained in this sort of thing do not acknowledge God at all.  But the reality is that without his creation, none of this would be here.  He provided solutions for our health and well being, stress management and refreshment as a gift, wrapped in beauty and pleasure to all our senses.

As much as I am not ready for winter,  I do love all the seasons, fall being  my favorite for the warm days and cool nights, brilliant colors, the fires and smell of the woodstove, and soups and stews.

So enjoy the pictures!

The sunflower seeds are ready for harvest.
The brilliance of sedum.
The deep purple of wild grapes.
The fading green of maple leaves.
Gorgeous deep yellow flowers.
Asters, even though they are pastel!

I would love to see pictures of what means fall to you!

Post them to my Facebook page to share!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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