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Defining Moments, by Dan Schaeffer

DefiningMomentsDefining Moments by Dan Schaeffer proved to be an amazing book. I had picked it up at a thrift store quite a while ago but kept pushing it aside, for one reason or another. But boy, what a blessing it was when I finally picked it up!!

It is actually an easy read that covers 11 Bible stories or people in the Bible, looking at the theme of when choices matter most.  First is the scripture printed out in one chapter and then the following chapter has some incredible supporting stories, quotes, commentary as well as some serious food for thought and growth.  In each of the stories, we see the defining moments and how the person handled the choice they had in the circumstance they were faced with.

Dan Schaeffer looks at Hannah’s story, Lot’s emptiness, Naaman’s pride and prejudice, Achan and his fatal attraction, Ruth’s story of no return, Ananias and Sapphira’s image to die for, Rahab’s scarlet thread, Moses’s slippery rocks of success, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego’s defining moment friendship, the widow’s mite, and the story of Mark.

This book left me with many ah-ha moments that inspired me. When face to face with the character of the people of the Bible, you can’t help but be challenged to either be more like them or heed instruction and learn from their mistakes, failures or weaknesses.

This is perfect as an addition to your devotion time- an easy read of short chapters that will provide lots of things to think about throughout your day/week. You can find Defining Moments on Amazon (affiliate link) if your library doesn’t have a copy.

Blessings to you in your walk with Him!

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