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Kids Need Their Mom…. To Keep a Date Night With Dad.

Angela shares how she and her husband take Wednesday nights to drop the kids off at church and then head around the corner to a restaurant and just enjoy each other’s company for 2 hours.  That predictable time each week refreshes them and helps them get though their weeks.  On Wednesday nights, no matter what happens….”ITS DATE NIGHT!!”, she writes.

In her experience, the key is to get away from the house as well.  Going back home to household chores undone and other distractions can de-rail the much needed time together for her and her husband.

Be encouraged, though, if the stage of life you are in right now makes this seems like an idea that is out of reach.  It just gives you the opportunity to be creative.

See, life for me and my husband doesn’t involve the chance to steal away together once a week for a couple hours very often.  His job keeps him working long hours.  But I have found that just taking the time to be with him when he is home helps out alot.  Sitting near him while he’s working outside or in the shop and close to him while we watch TV fosters togetherness.

Although time together is very important, life doesn’t always cooperate. The key is to do what you can now. Together set a goal to have that time away so that you can work towards it.  Then when the opportunity arises and life begins to cooperate, you can have the satisfaction of meeting a goal and be able to enjoy each other even more!

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