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Sometimes life just gets out of control.  I have called it crisis mode before and this time around it occurred to me that when in crisis mode only the necessary things get done.  We have to eat, sleep, have clean clothes and deal with whatever it is that has us in crisis mode.

Did you notice that cleaning didn’t make my list?  For some reason, that chore only gets done as needed during crisis mode.  However, I can only go so long doing the bare minimum before my body puts me in crisis mode.

My allergies began at 3.  Horrible indoor allergies.  Thankfully God gave me interests and talents for outdoor things, because being outside will clear up the allergies and give me some relief.  But that means I need to deep clean 2-3 times per year, moving all the furniture and washing the walls.

The crisis mode that came with the end of the school year finally spiraled into a 3 week, almost full blown, allergy attack complete with itchy, watery eyes and sneezing that ended in congestion.

My body finally said enough and I knew the only way to clear the allergies was to make the whole thing worse by stirring up all the dust and do a whole house clean.  Hubby had a wonderful idea of using a dust mask which was my saving grace this time, but I spent Friday through Monday deep cleaning. It felt like a crash and burn.

I pushed through and slowly the congestion is clearing and my energy is coming back.  I think the spiral of crisis mode is over, and I am looking forward to enjoying the next 5 weeks of summer with the boys.

This time around I have been in a place of healing, however.  I have been working with a new chiropractor who found some muscular-skeletal issues my previous one didn’t catch.  And she is working with me to correct some nutritional imbalances.

So in this particular crisis mode, God gave me some insight.

My apparent lack of self-discipline has really just been a response of the ebb and flow of crisis modes.  I realized that for my whole life, I have just been doing what I can when I can.  The things that needed to be done got done as time allowed.  I was just surviving, being tossed about by the waves of life.

Now that I have proper alignment and nutrition I am handling life better.  I am feeling less out of control with Big bro.  It is time to learn how to do life on purpose.  I bet the self-discipline will not be lacking as much now.

Exhaustion can be a mechanism for healing.  While it can be a symptom of much bigger health issues, my exhaustion this time has been calling me to heal from fighting so hard.  Proper nutrition and alignment has been just the thing my body needed to get out of crisis.

An exhaustion has settled over me allowing me to rest and the healing to continue.  In this exhaustion, I can feel God’s pull to draw me close to him through prayer.  I am excited to grow closer to the God who created me and is working to transform my life.

It feels like this is one on the final steps to finally being free as a daughter of the King.  I am excited to see what he has for me.  This journey that began with head knowledge becoming heart knowledge has allowed me to break free from my parents and family control.  Bring in a state of crash and burn has called me to trust God further and let go of the material things I was holding on to.  It has healed my body from the physical side effects of my life.  I am ready and waiting to see just what the next part of my journey brings!

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