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Today let’s just just celebrate.   This is officially my 100th published post! I discovered that a few days ago when I spent some time going back through my blog. Plus, it has been just about 2 years since I created this blog. My first post was published on March 13, 2012.

Those past 2 years have been an amazing journey with God. One of trust and obedience. I have fought feelings of inadequacy and questions of truth. Like Gideon, I asked for confirmation after 3 or 4 times. Like Moses, I questioned my ability.

But I have learned there is blessing in walking with God and obeying His call. He has given me the words to write and met me where I have been. He has shown me a lot about myself and brought healing and clarity to my soul.

He has even softened hubby’s heart to this blogging thing, which was my last conformation.   I knew I had to follow his lead, so without his blessing, I was done. Actually, he asked me to stop blogging for a while during a particularly tough time, which I did. During that time, God enabled me to discover the true reasons for my struggles and now the overwhelm and exhaustion fueling my lack of ambition and laziness are gone. My blogging is not taking away from my family…that was the important part!

So. In celebration of my 100th post, I am unveiling Yup, that’s right. I moved over to WordPress and am blogging for real. I’m sensing God telling me it’s time to be more public with my work.

Please be patient with me, though. I am working with the theme creator to make it properly responsive and I have to reformat every. single. post. I got the first page of posts done and will be working on finishing them all as quickly as possible.

I am so excited to start this new chapter! Thanks for being with me for the past two years.

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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