Life Well Inspired

Understanding the Bible

It is a gift from the Holy Spirit when we understand the Bible.  The Bible is clear that understanding comes when God opens our eyes and reveals Himself through the words in the pages.  Further, we are told to ask for it and that understanding comes from seeking Him.  It is a gift to God’s redeemed.  I have found that to be a comforting assurance of my salvation.  There is such comfort in knowing that God has opened my eyes and is teaching me.  It is evidence that God is alive in my life!

It is out of obedience to the Lord that I write here.  He is my ultimate inspiration.  My desire is to give Him glory for what He has been teaching me and I pray that He will use the words I write here to further His kingdom.  It is my hope that He will encourage other Christians and provide for the salvation of seekers who might find themselves here.  You are loved by an almighty God!


Beyond knowing there was a difference between happiness and joy, happiness being circumstantial and joy being a fruit of the Spirit, I never really gave it much thought.  But Sunday’s sermon was on the only passage in the Bible that shows Jesus having joy and I have been chewing on that all week. Joy is

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