Life Well Inspired

Studying Scripture

Studying scripture is one of the most important thing we can do in our lives.  It will produce personal and spiritual growth and shore us up in the hard times.  Time spent studying scripture will not return void.  God meets us and speaks to us during the time we spend drawing close to him.  Many thing help us study the bible, from actually study bibles to books and commentaries written by other people.  It is important to develop a students heart.

The posts you will find here were written as I have walked my journey of studying scripture for myself and it is from this journey that this blog has developed.  God has been faithful in teaching me and growing me in obedience.

Talking with God

In Genesis chapter 15 we are privileged to “overhear” Abram talking with God. It is in this chapter that God establishes his covenant with Abram that will essentially be for the Israelite nation and this happens after Abram rescues Lot from the King of Sodom and refuses to take any material possessions back with him …

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