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Raising The Boys

My first three children made me a boy mom.  Big Bro, Little Bro and Baby Bro have brought so much joy to us.  The rough and tumble “all-boy” environment has been the best and I love it.  But raising boys definitely comes with its share of concerns and struggles.  So many things go into raising them right and for the Lord.  I am always on the lookout for resources to steer them in the right direction and encourage their growth in the Lord as well as healthy physical growth and mental development.

The things I write about add to our story of raising the boys but will also share the perspective, resources and insights that God gives me as I raise these boys for His glory.

Growing Up

Those precious little newborn kittens are growing up. They are now 4 weeks old and halfway to being ready for their new homes.   The boys have been enjoying watching them and playing with them.  The current lesson involved is playing with them, as in joining in their play rather than using them like a doll.

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