Life Well Inspired

Living Life

Living life homeschooling 3 boys and a girl spanning 12 years is never dull. Add in a hubby who works in the Agriculture industry with an unpredictable schedule and things can get chaotic pretty fast. But we make the best of it and try to maintain some sort of schedule. Of course, maintaining a schedule is my weakest quality, so that is an ever present struggle to keep up with housework, schoolwork, cooking, gardening and a social life. 

Living life will have most of our story posts in it and it will also share the most important part- what God is teaching and doing through and in our family and home. It is my prayer that through living our life, God gets the glory.  

A Fresh Start

Someone commented recently that September was the new New Year. And I do have to agree. It seems that September brings the greatest abrupt change, a clear move from one way to another, a marked difference. It also brings a fresh start, a clean slate and shows change and growth the clearest.