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Christian Homeschooling

We started homeschooling because our oldest son was struggling with what turned out to be Auditory Processing Disorder.  He just needed something different than conventional academics.  Bringing both boys home has proved to be such a blessing to our family.  We have been able to put a focus on teaching them the way they need to learn and training them up in the things of the Lord.  Although academic excellence is very important, we feel that their walk with the Lord and how they relate to others will truly determine their success. 

The posts I write about Christian homeschooling add to our story that is unfolding here on Life Well Inspired.  I usually share difficulties, successes, favorites and resources that we are experiencing and/or using. I pray that you are blessed by our journey and find some camaraderie and inspiration here!   

My Favorite Homeschooling Resource is Here Again!

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