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Natural Health and Wellness

Natural health and wellness has become a passion of mine on my journey to help my oldest son cope with what we discovered to be Auditory Processing disorder and as I sought to overcome a season of intense anxiety.  I don’t believe diseases and disorders are a result of pharmaceutical deficiencies so I went searching for the root issue.  Herbs, essential oils, traditional food, lacto-fermentation and creating a toxic chemical-free home and diet have been essential to our healing journey.

The posts I share here will tell you our story and will Lord-willing provide inspiration to you on your journey as well.  It is my prayer that what I write will give you a starting place or reveal another avenue to walk down.  In the middle of the struggle, I always found comfort in the fact that there was something else to try.  That is what gave me hope!  That is what kept me moving forward and inspired to keep trying!  

If You are Struggling With Overwhelming Anxiety

The statistics are staggering. Forty million adults are dealing with overwhelming anxiety in the US alone. Yet, only 36.9% are in treatment. That’s a lot of people suffering and struggling by themselves. Are you one of the diagnosed or undiagnosed sufferers of overwhelming anxiety? If you are, you know all too well the nausea, diarrhea,

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