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In case you wondering why I’ve been MIA some weeks lately and sending posts out way late in the day, I thought I’d show you a part of what I have been up to besides dealing with Big Bro.  Since the whole house inside seems like such a mess and me powerless to do the fixing to make it better, I tackled something I am capable of fixing.  And that is my gardens.  I started my perennial bed around the house the spring after we got married, back in 2005.     We built the rock wall that retained the bed and hubby filled it with dirt.  So many people shared plants with me and I grabbed a bunch of plants that I had been saving at my moms and I filled the bed.  As each year came and went, the unruly fussy plants either died or got ripped out.  Throw two boys in the mix and the ones that needed lots of care didn’t make it either.

Although things are still a bit unfinished in our yard, 9 years later, I finally finished the bed.  It is filled with perennials and herbs along with a few annuals.  To make it even better, I finally got to put down some beautiful brown hardwood mulch.  That has been my dream since year 1, so that was super-exciting.

It sort of became compulsive, though because I even went out and bought new stones for the walkway.  I just needed for one area/project to be complete in the midst of the incompleteness and broken mess here.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the beds:





Here are my window boxes on the deck:


And finally, this is the area still being worked on.  Tonight I finished getting it ready for planting, but my seedlings are too little to plant right now.  This area has always been a messy untamed area and this year I am making it into a kitchen garden.  Rather than have little areas of salad greens and veggies all the way down in the big garden, I decided to keep the big garden for the crops I want to preserve and just put the things we eat regularly up here close to the house.  I am planting most things in succession hopefully to have a continuous supply all summer and throughout the winter.  This spot gets almost full sun but because of the woods it stays cooler than down at the big garden.  The veggies up here tend to prefer it a little cooler, so this should be a win win.


Next I am moving down to work on the big garden.  This is really late for me to be planting, but the cold wet spring has messed up my plans!  There might be a few more MIA days in the next week or two, but please bear with me!  With the veggies and flowers and spring cleaning and the work at the fairgrounds and dealing with Big Bro’s meds, my spring this year has been more insane than any other one before.

But its all good!

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