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Today I was blown away.  Well, actually it started last night.  After I put the boys to bed and Big T had fallen asleep, Little B called me upstairs to ask about the earth, the sun and being dark. And true to the age of 4… why.  I tried to breifly explain it and told him we would look it up tomorrow.

After I finished up my housework today, I had about a half hour before I needed to pick up Big T so I grabbed a book and we looked at a drawing.  He was interested and the drawing wasn’t great so I went online to National Geographic’s website and checked out their interactive information on the solar system.


It was amazing to see him curious and interested.  Not only that but actually asking intellegent questions with the right concepts.  And then he was using the book as reference and matching the planets online to the ones in the book.  Wow.

That was a thrill for me.  In my 6 years of mothering, this it the first time I have actually been able to guide my son and help him learn.  And I’m blown away!

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