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There Is Blessing In Being Patient


There is blessing in being patient.  This is what I have been learning as the past two months have been trying to say the least.  The partially functioning water affects every part of what I do here.  Laundry, dishes, cooking, baking, cleaning and personal hygiene all require water.  I mentioned before that I was choosing to have a positive perspective and see this period of time as God really driving home and making me really practice those skills that I have been working to master these past 9 years with His help.

Now, a big part of the water not getting fixed, maybe the only reason, is that the ground was frozen and hubby couldn’t dig in frozen ground.  He really did all he could to be sure the problem was not down the well or with the pump.  Our hearts both sunk because we have a long driveway plus there is pipe going out toward the shop the opposite direction.  There was really no telling where the leak really was and we were both envisioning having to dig up the entire length of line until the leak was found.

I could have been miserable and forced hubby to fight the cold and frozen ground.  We could have wasted hours of weekend family time trying to solve the problem.  But in God’s grace, He gave me the positive perspective and I’m so glad I chose to listen to His voice.  His voice reminded me that:

Paul said  “Be content in all things.”
and also “He works all things for the good of those who love Him”
Jesus says “Rejoice, and again I say rejoice.”
Patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit.

Then an amazing thing happened.  With the spring thaw, our driveway has developed a VERY soft spot in a place that has always been hard as can be.  Hubby graded the driveway over the weekend and that did not fix the problem.  We were set to have a mini excavator here over the weekend, but it was missing the bucket.  Talk about choosing to be positive!  But that delay gave hubby a bit more time to think things through.  Just last night, he said he thinks maybe that soft spot has something to do with the water leak.



If that is the case, it would be some ending!  We may have been given some insight into where the leak might be and if the leak is there, this problem will be resolved much more quickly than if we had fought the cold frozen ground.  That very well could be the blessing in being patient.

Of course, I am speculating and this story is to be continued…

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