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So things have been turbulent around here and in school with Big Bro.  And his teacher was the final push to finally get us into Dr West’s office.

After all the people we have talked with and who have evaluated Big Bro and all the research I have done, I do believe we have found the root cause of the problems, have behavior answers,  and are now working with a professional who can fix the problems and get him above all the struggles.

Dr West found that he still has 5 of the 6 primal reflexes that babies are born with and usually outgrow as they understand and learn about their world.  One of them in particular, the Moro, makes him hypersensitive to sound and allows him to pick up on everything around him.  This one in particular is the cause of his aggression.

She also found he is left ear dominate, which left ear dominate people tend to process things more slowly than right ear dominate people.  So on top of hearing and seeing everything that is going on around him, he can’t process it fast enough, leading to frustration.  Compounding on this, skeletally his right side is higher than his left side enough that she feels that not all nerve messages are even getting through.

His proprioceptive sense is very weak without his vision so that contributes to the ADHD symptoms… he is moving quickly to get through things that feel uncomfortable as quickly as possible (This explains why no one could ever diagnose ADHD).  Testing also showed that he wasn’t able to track an object and answer a question at the same time.

We have started treatment with her and we will be seeing her 2x per week to correct his spine for a while as well as doing exercises at home to eliminate those reflexes.  Eliminating the reflexes and correcting his spine should bring major improvement to his aggression, focus and attention, and overall mood and outlook.

One thing that made me super happy was that she said all that we have done nutritionally and with his diet has been helpful and healing.  So all our hard work and hours researching and implementing was necessary- if we hadn’t already done it, we would be doing it now as part of his treatment.  The only thing we are adding is a multi-mineral supplement which she feels will help the chewing and nail biting.  We will continue to heal his GI and encourage his body to make the serotonin on his own.


Perserverance has paid off and God has blessed us with wisdom in this step.  Again I find myself so grateful for God’s hand and the fact that he is in control.  So here’s to answers…again!

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