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I had a bit of an eye-opening experience today.  I have been on a journey of getting organized and scheduled since I got married.  My husband is actually neater than I am and has been encouraging me to do a better job at taking care of the home and our things. Not that I was a complete slob, but I did have plenty of room for improvement.

As it turns out, I had alot of maturing and emotional healing to do.  That whole process has been quite a journey, but the last 2 years has had the most progress.  I initially reduced my stuff to a third.  The other two thirds either got thrown out or donated.  Then I learned a new skill- drywall repair and painting/wallpapering. I went room by room, or 2 at a time depending on location and the last push reduced my stuff even further.  But, now all the rooms in our home have been repaired and freshly painted.  I even added wallpaper in the kitchen. There will always be a need for maintenance, but my general rule of thumb is I do not store anything.  I simply have places I keep things I use less frequently.

I learned that all the clutter and items I was holding onto was actually keeping my brain from functioning and even keeping me from applying what I was reading and learning.  With each van load of stuff gone and each room organized, I found my brain clearing up.  Talents and gifts that I possess are now being used to bless others.  I am still being amazed at what I am able to accomplish and do with this clear brain. This blog is a direct result of that clearing and my business has been moving forward a bit, too.

Which takes me to my Ah-ha moment.  One of the last couple projects on my list was to reorganize the pantry (including the freezers) so I will know how to best use my garden this year and come up with a schedule that will help me get in everything that I need to get done each day and week.  Yesterday I sat down and actually created an almost hour by hour schedule.  Well, wouldn’t you know, I did everything I need to do in a day and then still had time leftover!  I actually was running ahead of schedule and was able to deal with a couple unplanned things! Now that is freedom, friends!

I am feeling God’s nudge to develop self-discipline in my life.  It seems as if becoming free through self discipline is the next step in this journey I find myself on.  Hopefully, you are in a place of growth in your own life as well.  Join me and together we can find fulfillment in what God has created us to do and who he has created up to be!

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