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Good Morning!  It sure is a beautiful day here in western New York.  The sun is bright and you can feel that it is giving off more warmth now.  About time, though since it is almost April.  Today I will be pruning the raspberries, as it is supposed to be done in March and I am almost out of time.  According to the biodynamic calendar, optimal time for working with fruit bearing plants ends at 4pm this afternoon.  I know, I know….way to wait to the last minute!


I am anxiously awaiting my seeds and supplies.  This year I am starting my own seeds with the use of grow lights and will be continuously planting in hopes of having a steady plethora of veggies available most of the year.  From the research I have done, it seems to be possible using organic, biodynamic and old-time practices.  It has been amazing to see how the Dutch and French used to grow food for their cities and I cant help but wonder why so much of that has been forgotten.  Well, one doesn’t have to wonder too much, as everything is done for convenience and speed nowadays.

Anyhow, I am excited to venture into yet another unknown.

Speaking of unknown, I clicked publish on the last of the revisions to these blog posts yesterday.  Aside from some of the earliest posts not having images, the move over to WordPress is complete.  So now I can watch God’s plan for this space unfold.  There are still lots of questions in my mind but I know he will show His plan.  It is so freeing to have a big project crossed off the project list.

Revamping this blog is something He put on my list.  I was planning on revamping my business site and implementing a blog for that site, but God derailed that plan with revamping this one and giving me the peace about moving forward with this one and sharing my heart more publicly.  I am still trying to figure out just how this all fits together, but for now I am just doing one task at a time.

So not only is it a beautiful day outside with the sunshine and promise of spring, but it is a beautiful day for living out God’s plan and the promise that holds.

I didn’t intend to share a song with you today, but Jamie Grace’s Its a Beautiful Day just keeps bubbling up.  So here is a song to put a spring in your step today.  Happy Tuesday!!

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