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All Nature Sings God’s Praise

I left church yesterday with the keen awareness that you just can’t help but be forever changed when you come face to face with God’s creation.  Our pastor shared this video of Louie Giglio showing just how all creation and nature sings praise to God.

It really struck me how we only view nature through one season at a time, but God sees the entire earth and all seasons/time of day all at once.  He experiences spring, summer, winter, fall, day and night simultaneously.  So in his view, he hears the ice cracking, animals voices, flowers opening and pods popping, ect. to form one HUGE symphony.  And when we sing praises in worship to him, we are just joining in and adding to all creation singing his praise.

Here is just a glimpse of what He hears with 4 specific “instruments” :

Something else blew me away.  Do you hear the resemblance to musical instruments?  Even the sound of our instruments is just a man-made replication of nature and God’s creation.

We read about all nature singing praise to God, but fail to realize just what the words mean.  Reading Psalm 148 with the perspective of the audio of it happening changes everything.


Perspective is everything- have a great day and be sure to join the symphony!

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