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Kids Need Their Mom…. To Hang Hearts of Love Over Their Lives.

Kids need verbal positive affirmation so desperately.  To hear the good that we see in them, both the good that’s there and the good that still needs to come out, does wonders in their lives.  Among other things, it

builds character in them,
encourages them,
uncovers their hidden qualities,
keeps relationship bonds strong,
and opens communication.

Angela told a story of how one Valentines Day, she created heart mobiles out of yarn and construction paper, writing on each heart something she loved about them.  She put those words of affirmation on paper.  Now, she only got creative because she couldn’t afford to buy a card for each, but she did encourage  her readers to find ways to affirm your kids and reach out to them in ways they will respond to.  Not only written or spoken, but to make use of social media and apps now available.

It is often so easy to get caught up in the areas that need discipline and direction that the good gets lost among the chaos.  When you are in the midst of behavioral and/or developmental delays, those sprouts of character and glimpses of good sometimes elude you.  Or when you are daily in the thick of it with a strong-willed child It is easy to forget that those traits are actually the beginnings of great character.  It takes a change of perspective to realize and even recognize the good sometimes.

But, friend, look for it and please tell them what you see!  You will begin to see those things sprout and blossom.  You have the power to breathe life into character development just by seeing and speaking it to them.

I will go a little farther.  Project on them traits that you want to see.  Believe in things not yet showing.  Better yet, pray first and then follow God’s lead.  He will tell you and show you what traits he has put inside of them that need to be coaxed out.  Tell them how they will bring joy to those around them and that they are going to love Jesus when they grow up.  Believe past where they are to keep them reaching to the next level.  Affirm them by recognizing the good things they do and the good character traits you see them portraying.

Angela closed with a toast, of sorts, so here it is:

“Here’s to all the moms with eyes to see the hidden qualities ready to blossom inside of their children.  And here’s to using paper and yarn, new apps and camera phones, and whatever comes next to hang hearts of encouragement over their loves”
~Angela Thomas

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