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Hi! Welcome to B&L Botanica! My name is Lucille Stekl and I’m here to help you have your best garden ever. Follow along here on the blog for information about gardening or join Gardener’s Circle and learn about gardening with an in-depth monthly focus.

At one time, B&L Botanica was a greenhouse and event design studio but has shifted to focus on becoming an online resource for gardeners in the Northeast zone 5 climate region. I am located in the Western New York area of Eastern USA.

My specialty is designing and growing vegetable and perennial gardens.  I have a passion for gardening beyond organic and using whats already working in nature to achieve the best results possible.

A Little About Me...

Gardening has always been a part of my life beginning as a little girl watching my parents garden to provide food for our family in Northern New Jersey.  Although I never fell in love with weeding as a child, it was always great fun to plan and plant an annual bed along the driveway every spring. That early discovery of a love for plants soon grew into an interest for cut flowers and the dream to have a small floral studio out of my home. My bigger dream was to raise a family and be at home with them. 

Today, I am a homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos and I garden to raise a lot of our food. Summer and fall are a busy time harvesting and preserving the produce grown in our garden. One of the best things about producing your own food is that you can avoid all the chemicals and grow superior food with optimal nutrition for your body.

Professionally, my career began in high school as I attended a Technical High School for Agriculture where I was a part of FFA and competed in Landscape Design, Greenhouse Management and Turfgrass competitions.  Throughout high school I worked in a greenhouse that grew cut roses, Agway’s plant department and finally in a large greenhouse operation that grew annuals, perennials, mums and poinsettias. I also started my own greenhouse business that helped pay for my college education at SUNY Cobleskill where I graduated with a degree in Plant Science focused in floriculture.

My business, passions, talents, and hobbies are all in the plant world from growing and caring for plants to designing with plants and flowers.

You can view my portfolio at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy!

What's in it for you...

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Become a confident gardener by taking your garden beyond organic and learn how to create a thriving productive garden. You can have a thriving productive garden! 

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