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A Few Things to Encourage You

This week’s post is a little different from normal. I have three things I want to share with you that have been really encouraging to me over the past few weeks and I hope they encourage you, too, in this life journey we are on! 

First, The Homeschool Teaching Summit 2.0 that is happening this March 2-6, 2020 will REFRESH your excitement for the homeschooling journey, EQUIP you with practical teaching and management tools, and TRANSFORM your vision for Christian education and discipleship — all for absolutely FREE, available anywhere online! Register now here:

Homeschool Teaching Summit 2.0. (affiliate)


Second, this stunning article on a girl’s desire to be a wife and mother is a beautiful acknowledgement of just how natural and God pleasing those womanly roles are. While it’s sad to know how many girls and women feel shame in this innate calling God has placed within us, the author did an amazing job with this article. You can read it here: 

The One Life Dream That Makes a Girl Blush 


If you’ve been with me a while,  you know a little of my battle with anxiety over the past few years and how I have been managing it with diet, herbs and lifestyle. This past week I listened to a recent podcast from More To Be with Elisa Pulliman and Dr Michelle Bengston on Breaking Anxiety’s Grip. These women discussed some amazing truths from the Bible and from each of their professional and personal experiences.  This one addresses the spiritual side of things.  If you’d like to listen, here’s the link:

Breaking Anxiety’s Grip 


I hope you have a productive and restful weekend!


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