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For God’s Glory

I have been reading so many things about new years resolutions and advice on making those resolved life changes stick.  I think two of the best pieces of advice I heard were to make it an “I will” rather than an “I won’t” and to do your resolution for God’s glory. God has showed me… Continue Reading

Date Night

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Keep a Date Night With Dad. Angela shares how she and her husband take Wednesday nights to drop the kids off at church and then head around the corner to a restaurant and just enjoy each other’s company for 2 hours.  That predictable time each week refreshes them and helps… Continue Reading

Open Door

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Pray in Secret with the Door Open I am starting a series, of sorts.  While shopping in an Amish bulk foods store the other day, I found this book “52 Things Kids Need From a Mom” by Angela Thomas.  I decided this would be a great way to bring some… Continue Reading


Perspective and scheduling and their importance is becoming very evident to me.  Without those two components, everything seems to just fall apart here.  And both of those components require self discipline. Funny thing is that I fail miserably at all three things if left to myself! That is what I love about being in a… Continue Reading