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Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

How are you today, friend? Today finds me at the end of my rope feeling like I cannot persevere anymore.  Specifically being Big Bro’s mama.  Hubby will tell you that I am stubborn and strong willed, but I am wondering if maybe Big Bro might have me beat in that department.  He has been in… Continue Reading

Don’t Quit

Don’t Quit

“Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle.” This little phrase keeps bouncing around in my head as I find myself wrestling with Big Bro and the new journey in to the world of meds.  I have been alerted to the fact that regulating them can be a rough road.  I thought the past 5 and… Continue Reading

Perfect Momma

Perfect Momma

Listening to Lysa TerKeurst on the radio the other day, I kinda had an ah ha! moment.  She said to stop comparing yourself to other mothers and just “give God your willingness to be a mother“. That struck me. “Just give God your willingness to be a mother.” Hmm.  That has been with me, in… Continue Reading


Kids Need Their Mom…. To Be Delayed, Rerouted and Cancelled With Poise. Angela tells a story of a time when she had a speaking engagement to do and her daughter was going to accompany her this time.  She had plane tickets for the two of them yet when they got to the airport, she found… Continue Reading

Yes and No

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Let Her Yes be Yes and Her No be No. In chapter 7 of 52 Things Kids Need From Their Mom, Angela brings a bible verse out right up front and it couldn’t be better stated: “Simply let your yes be yes and your no be no” Matthew 5:37a In… Continue Reading

Sit Around the Table

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Make Them Sit Around The Table… and Linger. This must be important.  This week’s chapter topic followed on the heals of our Raising a Pure Generation Bible Study that had the same topic but a little broader. Family Togetherness.  It seems to be a hinge pin concept in the parenting/relationship… Continue Reading

Date Night

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Keep a Date Night With Dad. Angela shares how she and her husband take Wednesday nights to drop the kids off at church and then head around the corner to a restaurant and just enjoy each other’s company for 2 hours.  That predictable time each week refreshes them and helps… Continue Reading

Watch them go

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Watch Them Go Out Of Sight. I started reading this curiously… I thought it was referring to our children growing up and becoming independent.  So it was refreshing to find out that it was really revealing a way to love them! Stand and wave until you can’t see them.  Watch… Continue Reading

Affirm Them

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Hang Hearts of Love Over Their Lives. Kids need verbal positive affirmation so desperately.  To hear the good that we see in them, both the good that’s there and the good that still needs to come out, does wonders in their lives.  Among other things, it builds character in them,… Continue Reading

The Gift of Affection

Kids Need Their Mom…. To Never Stop Touching Them. This week I landed on a safe spot.  If there is one thing I do right, it is physical contact.  I ruffle their hair, rub their backs, kiss their cheeks and just silently let them know I am there.  We cuddle on the couch sometimes and… Continue Reading