Studying Scripture

Studying scripture is a wonderful journey that will leave you changed forever.  The Bible says that those who seek the Lord will find him, and the best way to seek Him is to spend time reading and studying his word.  In the fall of 2014, I began reading through the Bible, starting in Genesis and the posts that result from my studies will be added here for complete reference.  Already I have been blown away by what God has showed me as I have studied the scriptures and read the commentaries written by great men.  I will list the books and commentaries that I used to accompany my study, in case you are looking for resources for your own study.

My plan is to read through the whole Bible one book at a time in chronological order and my hope is to gain a deeper understanding of Biblical history and understand the stories and text in context with that Biblical history.  Posts about what I am learning will be added to this page to that they can be easily found.  I hope you find some encouragement and inspiration here, as that is exactly what I have found and would love to share with you.


Genesis proved to be quite a book!  Although I grew up with these stories as a little girl, I was surprised to find grown-up truth tucked away in the pages.  From the gospel message laid out in the pre-flood generations to the foundations of our faith being secured there was amazing truths everywhere!  If you have avoided reading Genesis because of the familiarity of the stories, delay no more!!


Salvation By Grace, As Proved By Abraham

Abraham, yet again inspired me. Actually, this time is the the call in Genesis and the answer in the New Testament. I have started to uncover the truth that the ...
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Our Shield and Great Reward

Today I am sharing with you some insight from Henry Morris' book The Genesis Record. His commentary on the story that ends chapter 14 of Genesis and begins chapter 15 ...
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Lessons from Nimrod and Babel

Digging deep into those four verses in Genesis 10 about Nimrod set the stage for the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. But, so what. What does ...
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Nimrod and The Tower of Babel

Have you ever wondered the point of the factual list-type passages in scripture? I always did too and usually just skimmed them over enough to say I had read them ...
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The Gift of Peace

I never in a million years thought the gift of peace and healing would come to me through a familiar old testament story, but as I read through the story ...
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Inspired to Forgive

If anyone had the right to be angry, bitter and revengeful it was Joseph. I think being ridiculed and laughed at from childhood, thrown into a deep well and sold ...
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Beware of Satan’s Way

We all know that Lucifer is the fallen angel who we now know as Satan. Common knowledge is that he thought himself able to be God and therefore got himself ...
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The Foundation of Faith

Faith. Everyone has it. As we read in Hebrews 11, "faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." The question becomes from ...
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Jacob’s Journey

Nestled in Jacob's journey back to Caanan is the story where Jacob prepares to meet Esau, and in this story Jacob is scared. Maybe a better phrase is full of ...
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Talking with God

In Genesis chapter 15 we are privileged to "overhear" Abram talking with God. It is in this chapter that God establishes his covenant with Abram that will essentially be for ...
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Along with prayer and meditating on what I read, I used the following books/resources to help me comprehend and understand this amazing book.

NIV Student Bible
The Genesis Record, by Henry Morris
Adventuring Through the Bible, by Ray Stedman
The Early Earth, by John C Whitcomb Jr.
Matthew Henry’s Commentary

My study notes on Genesis are available here.



Reading Job was an amazing adventure.  Thought to be the oldest book in the Bible, chronologically it should be read between Genesis 11 and 12.  Job most likely lived during the days of the Tower of Babel, somewhere between Noah and Abraham.  In this book you find so much that can be gleaned from Job’s life and his response to the great trials and pain that came to him.  There is much to be learned about how to be a friend to the grieving and the one in pain through the accounts of both Job’s wife and his friends.  You come face to face with the workings of and splendor of God’s creation spoken right from His mouth and are awed by the prophetic words spoken about the end days when Christ will return.  It is filled with parallels to Christ in his first coming during the trials and points to his second coming after the trial when Job’s life is restored by a double portion.


Plenty of Perspective In Job

Two weeks ago I began reading through Job. It is thought to be the oldest written book of the Bible ...
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Along with prayer and meditation on what I read, I used the following books/resources to help me comprehend and understand this amazing book.

NIV Student Bible
Pain, Perplexity, and Promotion, by Bob Sorge
Matthew Henry’s Commentary
Adventuring Through the Bible, by Ray Stedman

My study notes on Job are available here.



Exodus was an amazing read!  To understand the cultural background and the deeper meanings through the Hebrew words that has been lost in translation, was quite eye opening.  Like I discovered in Genesis, the Sunday school stories were much richer and deeper than I remembered learning about in church and school.  Studying scripture allowed God’s sovereignty to shine through and really bolster me.  I ended up reading through it 3 times, with different resources each time clinging to God and searching for Him.  But God was faithful and allowed it to powerfully affect me.


Strengthen Your Faith

I guess it was two years ago now, maybe three, that I purposed to read through the Bible chronologically. Starting ...
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Along with prayer and meditating on what I read, I used the following books/resources to help me comprehend and understand this amazing book.

NIV Student Bible
The New American Commentary Exodus
First5 Bible Study App from Proverbs31 Ministries
Matthew Henry’s Commentary
Adventuring Through the Bible, by Ray Stedman

My study notes on Exodus are available here.



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